Things to do

With 7% of the world’s bio-diversity [over 700 bird species alone], 24 volcanoes, numerous lakes, lagoons and rivers, two oceans and the 2nd largest expanse of rainforest (second only to the Amazon), Nicaragua has a lot to offer and has something for everyone.  You can surf world-class waves, go bird watching or deep-sea fishing, visit Ometepe Island [a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve], try zip-lining, roll your own cigars, visit a coffee plantation or even “surf” down the side of a volcano.  In Nicaragua, your imagination is your only limitation!

I tried to separate the various things to do by location.  Please click on the links to see some of what Nicaragua has to offer.  I will update these links as I find new events/locations/activities and even restaurants.  My family finds new things each time we come to this wonderful country.


Local Area                                      Granada                               Ometepe Island


San Juan del Sur                           Masaya                                 Laguna de Apoyo


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