San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur (or SJDS) is a very popular town that is just less than a hour drive from our house.  It is more populated, thus has more restaurants, shops and events that Tola or Limon / Limon Dos.  You may have seen SJDS on many of the episodes of “House Hunter’s International”, as it is popular with the younger crowd and has a well established ex-pat community.  We have been to SJDS a few times but each time we go, it seems so crowded it is difficult to find parking.  We eventually do (hint: look on the side streets) and we usually have a nice time.  There is an ice cream place right on the beach that has great ice cream.  Once I know more about where to go and where to eat / drink in SJDS, I will post it here.  Until then, I will leave the “Under Construction” sign up.

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