Pool & Patio

Pool-Backyard view-Oct 2015

View looking up the North coast

Being that we are sitting at approximately 11.25o North of the Equator, you can image it can get quite warm here.  What better way to enjoy the outside while at the same time cooling off than taking a refreshing dip into our pool.  The pool is designed to be fun for all ages.   There is a small “beach” area (actually a huge first step) for the kids to play in and the rest of the pool is divided into three depths [3’, 5’ and 4’].  This makes it perfect for pool volleyball, basketball or Marco Polo!  Up for a game?

If you choose to sit out the game, you can do so by sitting on the underwater bench that stretches from the beach area to ½ way to the other end of the pool. Of course, this seating is shaded by our extended roof line that is supported by two pumice-coated Roman-style columns.  So sit back and enjoy the wonderful ocean views.

Patio 1-1

Pool is shaded majority of the day and lots of shaded seating.

Patio 1-2

Large shaded patio with lots of seating.

Patio 1-4

Custom 5-position sling-back chairs and cocktail tables.

Patio 1-5

Custom patio set with a 2-burner propane BBQ in the background.


Always a wonderful sunset.

If you are quiet, sometimes we get a visitor (Howler Monkey).


Boys will be boys!


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