Our Charities

My family is very fortunate to be part of a wonderful community, both inside the Ranch and outside. We feel that as members of the community and as a parent of a young child, it is important to make an attempt at helping the community reach a higher level.  This can be done in a whole host of different ways and we have chosen to undertake two different concepts on helping make the younger generation prosper.  This is where our programs “In Austin’s Footsteps” and “Sun Dresses for the Girls” come into play.

Please read below to see what we are doing, the joy that we are all experiencing and the example we are showing our young and impressionable son.  It is our hope that these two charities will continue for a long, long time.

In Austin’s Footsteps

Our Goal:

To collect as many children’s shoes that are in good, clean usable condition and to bring them down to Nicaragua for the children of the area that are a lot less fortunate. Many of the local children have only one pair of shoes IF they are lucky and often times the shoes that they do wear are not properly sized.

Our Progress:

November 2012:  This was our first trip to Nicaragua with the shoes in hand.  We partnered up with a representative of FunLimon to distribute shoes to the local children.  All of us that were involved knew it was going to be an overwhelming success when we were cheered by the children and one school even played out the Nicaraguan version of “The 3 Little Pigs” for us.  There was so much need, that we actually ran out of shoes with in the first 2 hours!  Needless to say, we will be back with hopefully more shoes for the little ones that we did not get to.

TOTAL SHOE COUNT AS OF DECEMBER 2015 = 573 pairs of children’s shoes distributed!


Helping hand out shoes.


Standing in line for their new shoes.


A mom helping her son try on shoes at one of the local schools.


Trying on her new shoes.



Sun Dresses for the Girls

Our Goal:

To bring down these sun dresses down to Nicaragua for the children of the area that are a lot less fortunate.  These sun dresses are made from pillow cases and sewn by a wonderful group of ladies from our area.  Each sun dress is unique, light weight and perfect for the area.  Of course everyone of these dresses is made with 100% dedication and love.

Our Progress:

November 2012 – We partnered up with the same representative of the Ford Family Foundation as we did with the donated shoes to distribute the sun dresses to the local girls [ages from 1 to 12 years old].  All of the girls that received the sun dresses were smiling from ear to ear and “Gracias” could be heard from all four corners of the classroom.  Many of them would not take off their new dress after trying it on.  Some of them were even doing twirls in the classroom.  This brought a lot of warmth to all of us in seeing how such a small donation makes such a large impact on these children.

TOTAL SUN DRESS COUNT AS OF DECEMBER 2015 = 152 sun dresses donated!


My wife & the local girls with their new dresses.


Handing out the Sun Dresses to the girls.


Showing off their new dresses.

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