Ometepe Island

Ometepe Island is a twin volcanic island that is located within Lake Nicaragua.  One volcano is active (Volcan Concepcion) and the other, smaller volcano is dormant (Volcan Maderas).  You can travel to Ometepe Island via various ferries that depart from Granada and from a port just outside of Rivas, called San Jorge.  If you are at our house, the San Jorge departure is very easy.  Just make sure you make reservations for the ferry GOING BOTH WAYS; especially if you are driving your car.


The trip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The ferry affords a great platform for taking nice pictures of the surrounding area (Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe Island and even Costa Rica in the distance.  Bring your sun screen, camera, a hat, bathing suit (for a quick dip in the volcanic spring, Ojo de Agua) and your sense of adventure.  Also, bring bottled water and some snacks for the kids.  The ferry does have a little area where you can buy snacks and drinks, but they are limited in supplies.


The great news (to us) was that the Nicaraguan government just finished paving all of the primary and secondary roads on the island.  We drove around all day and had no issues what so ever.  Just watch out for the monkeys and occasional cattle “traffic jam”.  This makes for a good 1-day trip or you could stay the night at one of the many boutique hotels that are on the island.

Map of Ometepe Island.


The ferry to Ometepe Island. (November 2013)


Volcan Maderas, viewed from the ferry.


This is the active Volcan Concepcion.


Nice lunch at a local restaurant.


A quick, cooling dip in the volcanic spring – Ojo de Agua.


Looking out at Lake Nicaragua.


Traffic jam, Nica-style!


In Nicaragua, they say “Why did the monkey cross the road?”

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