Laguna de Apoyo

In 1991 the lagoon was declared as natural reserve (Reserva Natural Laguna de Apoyo) by the Nicaraguan government.   The crater of Apoyo was formed around 23,000 years ago, after a strong volcanic explosion left a crater measuring six kilometers in diameter. As time went subterranean waters and rain filled the crater and the slopes became covered by vegetation.  Today this crater is considered to be a dormant volcano, although there are still a few volcanic hot springs in the area.

As part of the Nicaraguan volcanic chain, Apoyo is located between the Vulcan Mombacho in the south and the Masaya Volcano in the north.  The Apoyo lagoon has a surface of 2,110 hectares.  It is very deep and I think it is the deepest type of crater lake in all of Central America.  According to reports, the lowest level is 100 meters below sea level and the shoreline of the lagoon is 75 meters above sea level.  That is quite a spread in depth.  The water is the most crystal-clear out of all fresh water bodies in Nicaragua and possibly in Central America.  Even though it is not fit for direct human consumption, it is very clean, with a low level of natural or human contamination.


MORE PICTURES TO COME.  However, when we go there, this is where we stay at for the day.  It is right on the lake with good food, shade and showers/bathrooms.

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